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  • Top Arrow First
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  • Top Arrow Third
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  • Apron Apron Designer
  • Wallet Wallet Designer
  • Pen-drive Pen-drive Designer
  • Plate Plate Designer
  • Bag Bag Designer
  • Skateboard Skateboard Designer
  • Lighter Lighter Designer
  • Mug Mug Designer
  • Notepad Notepad Designer
  • Napkins Napkins Designer
  • Pants Pants Designer
  • Pen Pen Designer
  • Photo-framPillow Photo-fram Designer
  • Pillow Pillow Designer
  • Purse Purse Designer
  • Bike-seat Bike-seat Designer
  • Bat Bat Designer
  • Trophies Trophies Designer
  • Box Box Designer
  • key-ring Key-ring Designer
  • cap Cap Designer
  • card Crd Designer
  • eyeglasses Eyeglasses Designer
  • hard-cases Hard-cases Designer
  • flask Flask Designer
  • helmet Helmet Designer
  • Hoodies Hoodies Designer
  • table-top Table-top Designer
  • tie Tie Designer
  • tray Tray Designer
  • sticker Sticker Designer
  • Door Door Designer
  • Name Tags Name Tags Designer
  • Price Tags Price Tags Designer
  • Banners Banners Designer
  • Sticker Sticker Designer
  • Bottle Bottle Designer
  • Car Decal Car Decal Designer
  • Stickers Stickers Designer
  • Mobile case Mobile case Designer
  • Sticker Sticker Designer
  • Poster Poster Designer
  • Nail Nail Designer
  • Bat Bat Designer
  • bottle-labals Bottle-labals Designer
  • button Button Designer
  • camera Camera Designer
  • car-decal-(numeral-+-images) car-decal-(numeral-+ -images) Designer
  • cd-print Cd-print Designer
  • ceiling-fan Ceiling-fan Designer
  • electric-board Electric-board Designer
  • Ethernet-board Ethernet-board Designer
  • key-ring Key-ring Designer
  • license-plates License-plates Designer
  • mat Mat Designer
  • mirror Mirror Designer
  • mobile-case Mobile-case Designer
  • mouse-pad Mouse-pad Designer
  • mouth-guard Mouth-guard Designer
  • nail-paint Nail-paint Designer
  • name-plates Name-plates Designer
  • pen-drive Pen-drive Designer
  • pen Pen Designer
  • pendant Pendant Designer
  • photo-fram Photo-fram Designer
  • glass-goggles Glass-goggles Designer
  • game-consoles Game-consoles Designer
  • trays Trays Designer
  • wall-sticker Wall-sticker Designer
  • plates Plates Designer
  • projector Projector Designer
  • Radio Radio Designer
  • rim-cover Rim-cover Designer
  • set-top-box Set-top-box Designer
  • cpu-cabinet Cpu-cabinet Designer
  • Car Decal Car Decal Designer
  • Sticker Sticker Designer
  • Name Plates Name Plates Designer
  • License Plates License Plates Designer
  • Name Tags Name Tags Designer
  • Price Tags Price Tags Designer
  • Boards Designer Boards Designer
  • Bottle Bottle Labels Designer
  • Business Card Designer Business Card Designer
  • Envelopes Envelopes Designer
  • Flags Flags Designer
  • Flyers Flyers Designer
  • Sticker Sticker Designer
  • Lettering Lettering Designer
  • Portraits Portraits Designer
  • Signboards Signboards Designer
  • Wallpaper Wallpaper Designer
  • Wall Stickers Wall Stickers Designer
  • Wrapper Wrapper Designer
  • Greeting Card Greeting Card Designer
  • Envelope Envelope Designer
  • I-Card I-Card Designer
  • Postage Postage Designer
  • Business Business Card Designer
  • Book-inner pages Book-inner pages Designer
  • Brochures Brochures Designer
  • Calendar Calendar Designer
  • Flyers Flyers Designer
  • Notebooks Notebooks Designer
  • book-cover Book-cover Designer
  • notepad Notepad Designer
  • wrapper Wrapper Designer
  • Boots Boots Designer
  • Brogue Brogue Designer
  • Flats Flats Designer
  • flip flops flip flops Designer
  • Galosh Galosh Designer
  • Gardening Clog Gardening Clog Designer
  • Ghillie Ghillie Designer
  • Loafers Loafers Designer
  • Pumps Pumps Designer
  • Sandals Sandals Designer
  • Shoes Shoes Designer
  • Shoes Skimmer Designer
  • Shoes Slingback Designer
  • Shoes Slip-on Designer
  • slipper Slipper Designer
  • Shoes Flat-paper-weights Designer
  • Clock Dial Clock Dial Designer
  • CD Print CD Print Designer
  • Paper Weight Paper Weight Designer
  • Key rings Key rings Designer
  • Magnet Magnet Designer
  • Mirrors Mirrors Designer
  • Plates Plates Designer
  • Tags Tags Designer
  • Trays Trays Designer
  • Buckle Buckle Designer
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Buy Greeting Card Design Software From Outsource Company: Turn Creativity into Business

Greeting cards are a very popular way to express your sentiments to your near and dear ones. Greeting cards are designed for different feelings, wishes, occasions and festivals like Birthday, Love, Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year and many more. With the advent of Technology the Electronics Greeting Cards are being more preferred over the paper cards. To make it easy to design and sell greeting cards; Greeting Card Design Software were introduced. Buying Greeting Card Design Tool from an outsource company is a very affordable process. Scroll down the wheel to learn more about Greeting Card Design software in the later section of the post.

Online Greeting Card Design Software

Greeting Card Design Software: The custom of sending greeting cards started during 14th century in China and since then this tradition is an important part of our social life. At the early stage; Greeting cards were first made by hands on the cloths and leaves. With the advancement of technology the cards designed on cloths were dominated by printed paper cards and in this era of electronic media; e-Greeting cards are leading the market trends. We can send these e-Cards via email, MMS, and even social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and many more.

Custom Greeting Card Design software

Greeting Card design software powered by AngularJS and HTML5 are the applications that can be used to design a personalized greeting card. These Card Design tool can be employed to create both e-Greeting Card as well as Printed Greeting card. According to the GCA Greeting Card Market Report 2012; an average of 31 greeting cards were sent to every person on the earth in the year 2012. Doesn’t Greeting Card industry looks like a large! Very large platform?

Of course it is! Billions of people are collecting high profit in this field and if you too want to be the part of the party then you will need to buy Online Greeting Card Design Software from outsource service providers.

A Greeting Card design tool offers a lot of amazing features to the Front end user as well as the back-end administrator.

Greeting Card Design Tool

Features of Greeting Card Design Software for Front End User

  • A wide array of Pre Loaded images, Vectors and Templates For easy designing
  • Flip View and the feature to design every side of the Greeting Card.
  • Trending Image feature is integrated with the tool so that the end user can add his own face in an default base.
  • Advanced image editing tools and picture effects for attractive designs.
  • Facility to add personal text and the most innovative feature of Auto Text Formatting is available with the custom Greeting card Design tool.
  • A class of backgrounds to choose from and the allowance to import personal pictures via social networking websites like Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and many more.
  • Additional features like Color Gradient, Partial Transparency and Shadowing.
  • Whishlist feature is available to facilitate the user to save the design and continue it later.
  • Availability of different card design pattern including Portrait, landscape, Half Fold, Quarter Fold & many more
  • Watermark tool is available to imprint the logo of your brand

Online Greeting Card Design software

Features of Greeting Card Design Tool for Back End Administrator

  • Visual Layout Creator Tool to define the default design layout and to update the library by creative designs.
  • Different Output file formats and printing options are available with Greeting Card design tool
  • Feature to save a working design in draft
  • Hassle free integration with ecommerce website platforms
  • Amazing trait of Bulk Order management tool
  • Configurable Pricing Algorithm to offer a large scope of customization to the user
  • Feature to print the design on different size of papers
  • Built in CodeIgniter PHP Framework for hassle-free Codeigniter Framework Development.
  • Can be easily integrated can be easily integrated with every CMS platform like Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Prestashop and many more.

Greeting Card Design software

Final Words

Greeting Card design software can be a fruitful way to build a well established business platform. Want to have all the above features in your Greeting card design software in an affordable cost value? If yes then we at No-Refresh promise to give even more features in even lesser price.

Posted By: No-Refresh Team- online greeting card design tool from #1 Online Software Design Company.


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  1. Zanek kormicki says:

    Please quote a price for greeting card text personalisation tool.

    We are not interested in templates with your designs as we already own 500 exceptional designs some of which could be for sale.

  2. seguidores de calidad says:

    Muy buen artículo, la verdad que sigo tu web casi a
    diario y el contenido me parece muy interesante


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