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  • ApronApron Designer
  • WalletWallet Designer
  • Pen-drivePen-drive Designer
  • PlatePlate Designer
  • BagBag Designer
  • SkateboardSkateboard Designer
  • LighterLighter Designer
  • MugMug Designer
  • NotepadNotepad Designer
  • NapkinsNapkins Designer
  • PantsPants Designer
  • PenPen Designer
  • Photo-framPillowPhoto-fram Designer
  • PillowPillow Designer
  • PursePurse Designer
  • Bike-seatBike-seat Designer
  • Bat Bat Designer
  • Trophies Trophies Designer
  • BoxBox Designer
  • key-ringKey-ring Designer
  • capCap Designer
  • cardCrd Designer
  • eyeglassesEyeglasses Designer
  • hard-casesHard-cases Designer
  • flaskFlask Designer
  • helmetHelmet Designer
  • HoodiesHoodies Designer
  • table-topTable-top Designer
  • tieTie Designer
  • trayTray Designer
  • stickerSticker Designer
  • DoorDoor Designer
  • Name TagsName Tags Designer
  • Price TagsPrice Tags Designer
  • BannersBanners Designer
  • StickerSticker Designer
  • BottleBottle Designer
  • Car DecalCar Decal Designer
  • StickersStickers Designer
  • Mobile caseMobile case Designer
  • StickerSticker Designer
  • PosterPoster Designer
  • NailNail Designer
  • BatBat Designer
  • bottle-labalsBottle-labals Designer
  • buttonButton Designer
  • cameraCamera Designer
  • car-decal-(numeral-+-images)car-decal-(numeral-+ -images) Designer
  • cd-printCd-print Designer
  • ceiling-fanCeiling-fan Designer
  • electric-boardElectric-board Designer
  • Ethernet-boardEthernet-board Designer
  • key-ring Key-ring Designer
  • license-plates License-plates Designer
  • matMat Designer
  • mirrorMirror Designer
  • mobile-caseMobile-case Designer
  • mouse-padMouse-pad Designer
  • mouth-guardMouth-guard Designer
  • nail-paintNail-paint Designer
  • name-platesName-plates Designer
  • pen-drivePen-drive Designer
  • penPen Designer
  • pendantPendant Designer
  • photo-framPhoto-fram Designer
  • glass-gogglesGlass-goggles Designer
  • game-consolesGame-consoles Designer
  • traysTrays Designer
  • wall-stickerWall-sticker Designer
  • platesPlates Designer
  • projectorProjector Designer
  • RadioRadio Designer
  • rim-coverRim-cover Designer
  • set-top-boxSet-top-box Designer
  • cpu-cabinetCpu-cabinet Designer
  • Car DecalCar Decal Designer
  • StickerSticker Designer
  • Name PlatesName Plates Designer
  • License PlatesLicense Plates Designer
  • Name TagsName Tags Designer
  • Price TagsPrice Tags Designer
  • Boards DesignerBoards Designer
  • BottleBottle Labels Designer
  • Business Card DesignerBusiness Card Designer
  • EnvelopesEnvelopes Designer
  • FlagsFlags Designer
  • FlyersFlyers Designer
  • StickerSticker Designer
  • LetteringLettering Designer
  • PortraitsPortraits Designer
  • SignboardsSignboards Designer
  • WallpaperWallpaper Designer
  • Wall StickersWall Stickers Designer
  • WrapperWrapper Designer
  • Greeting CardGreeting Card Designer
  • EnvelopeEnvelope Designer
  • I-CardI-Card Designer
  • PostagePostage Designer
  • BusinessBusiness Card Designer
  • Book-inner pagesBook-inner pages Designer
  • BrochuresBrochures Designer
  • CalendarCalendar Designer
  • FlyersFlyers Designer
  • NotebooksNotebooks Designer
  • book-coverBook-cover Designer
  • notepadNotepad Designer
  • wrapperWrapper Designer
  • BootsBoots Designer
  • BrogueBrogue Designer
  • FlatsFlats Designer
  • flip flopsflip flops Designer
  • GaloshGalosh Designer
  • Gardening ClogGardening Clog Designer
  • GhillieGhillie Designer
  • LoafersLoafers Designer
  • PumpsPumps Designer
  • SandalsSandals Designer
  • ShoesShoes Designer
  • ShoesSkimmer Designer
  • ShoesSlingback Designer
  • ShoesSlip-on Designer
  • slipperSlipper Designer
  • ShoesFlat-paper-weights Designer
  • Clock DialClock Dial Designer
  • CD PrintCD Print Designer
  • Paper WeightPaper Weight Designer
  • Key ringsKey rings Designer
  • MagnetMagnet Designer
  • MirrorsMirrors Designer
  • PlatesPlates Designer
  • TagsTags Designer
  • TraysTrays Designer
  • BuckleBuckle Designer
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Contribution to client's business

"" made the venture with No-Refresh to integrate online custom sticker designer tool that can create customized stickers and labels online with great ease. This software takes users through a systematic design process where they can determine their individual development priorities.

  • This advanced web-based sticker designer application meets the goals of designing custom labels, personalized invitation cards, gift tag stickers or anything on a sticker.
  • Their users can create self-adhesive, high quality and waterproof custom labels and stickers by simply using sticker design tool online from the comfort of a computer.

"No-Refresh has played an integral role in enhancing the success and efficiency of our business. Their sizable team of dedicated developers and designers has the capability to meet our timeline. They keep on attending us time to time and bring innovative and efficient solutions for our online business. Now, our valuable customers are empowered to personalize the stickers and labels by means of simple text, color and font size."

We Served As Helping Hand To Our Client’s Business
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    Overview is a leading company firmly engaged in selling of customized bottled water and personalized labels. Bottle Your Brand makes designing of custom labels, personalized invitation cards, wine labels, beer labels, food labels, gift tag stickers, bumper stickers, or anything on a sticker easy for users. At, user can create high-quality, self-adhesive and water-proof custom labels and stickers by simply using easy-to-use sticker design tool online from the comfort of computer.

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    Business Problem

    The company was prepared to invest significantly in online custom sticker designer tool which takes users through a step-by-step design process of creating high-quality customized stickers and labels online with great ease. The company had specific requirements which included determining their individual development priorities.

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    Solution Offered

    To meet goals for the robust web-based application, No-Refresh developed an advanced web-based sticker designer application for the firm that makes a website more convenient and enjoyable to use.

    Solution offered
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    Results and Benefits

    Even with a vast product line, the company business did not have a growth. After installing No-Refresh web-based custom sticker designer application, the company noticed remarkable growth in the in terms of higher conversion rates and higher ROI. No-Refresh team consolidated all the efforts into a single interface to create a feature-rich custom sticker designer application which enabling users to design custom labels and stickers.

    Creating custom labels and stickers is very easy with this powerful online sticker design tool. By using this interactive application, one can design gift tag stickers, custom beer labels, custom food labels, bumper stickers, wine labels, wedding invitation labels, baby shower invitation labels, birthday invitation labels or anything on a sticker online quickly and easily.

    The tool developed by No-Refresh for allowing users to upload .jpg, .tif, .png, and .gif files to get started with designing a custom label. Interestingly, this advanced online sticker designer application empower users to customize and personalize the sticker and labels by simple means of text, font size, font type and colors so that label design becomes as unique and amazing as possible.

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